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nina dobrev for nylon magazine august 2014

There’s an east wind coming.


i don’t know why, but all of them being in one room together was just glorious to me.


when your parents make you call to make your own appointments and have adult responsibilities

get to know me meme
[3/4] tv shows → game of thrones

Kristen Stewart in ‘Just One Of The Guys’ by Jenny Lewis (x)

If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go

Matthew Gray Gubler (via deidreelliott)

do you believe you could change me? the way i changed you.

                 i  a l r e a d y  d i d .


Katniss Everdeen ~ Mockingjay 

You’re my oldest friend. I’m your only friend.


Finding a typo in a book


The Pretty Reckless - Most popular music videos (insp.)